Hexagon Investment Consulting invested in Valueup systems

31 Mar 2022
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POSTED ON 2020/01/22

Valueup systems CEO Bumjin Kim & Hexagon Investment Consulting CEO Jaewook Kim

Hexagon Investment Consulting(CEO Jaewook Kim) announced on Jan 21st that they invested in prop-tech startup Valueup systems(CEO Bumjin Kim) on December 30th.

Hexagon invested in Valueup with angel fund, with series A round.

Hexagon is a consulting firm that offers investment information about emerging markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia. Hexagon announced its first venture investment with this investment.

Valuemap has become a leading startup to run an innovative transaction startup in land, building market, where information asymmetry happened a lot. Valuemap provide platform service that link precise information about land / building price with geographic location on a map. Land / building was limited information to some local professionals, but Valuemap solved it with its own data analysis algorithm.

Jaewook Kim commented: ‘There are more restrictions on real estate, stock investment in current government. However, venture investment market is more encouraged politically. Now it’s about time for more private investors to actively invest. Hexagon will suggest business strategy, global expansion strategy to help startups like Valuemap to boost up’

Bumjin Kim commented: ‘Valuemap is recognized as sustainable growing startup, and is planning to raise more investment with the help of Hexagon’.


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