About Us
HEXAGON, the only company that focuses its investments in overseas stocks and real estate and helps expand its business globally. HEXAGON manages stocks, bonds, short-term finances, alternative investments, and real estate
for individuals and institutions. HEXAGON provides the best investment solution, risk management, and consultation services for clients, and provides balanced investment advice and professional risk management based on currently necessary market insight and wide-ranging capabilities.
  • Global Capacity

    HEXAGON is world-class in its capacity to realize the needs of clients.

    It recognizes the individual’s investment tendencies based on the scale of investment, and provides differentiated
    products and services. The wide-ranging knowledge, experience, and know-how based on the information gained
    from in-the-field partners and cooperative firms seeks to help maximize profits for clients.
  • Risk to
    Reward Ratio

    HEXAGON is able to harness its passion into focused energy to help reach the highest level.

    To reach that level ,HEXAGON thinks deeper and concentrates more to reach an optimized balance between risk
    and reward for clients.
  • Responsibility and

    We are committed to long-term sustainability for client property management.

    As a model social company, HEXAGON aims to give back to society and support it. HEXAGON’s business model and
    the shareholder’s value creation framework is planned based on responsibility and sustainability, with the company
    managing and providing services based on these principles, and we seek to have a synergistic relationship with our clients,
    as well as giving back to society.
  • Client Focused
    Investment Process

    Through HEXAGON’s own know-how and wide-ranging overseas network, the company runs an
    overseas expansion strategy consulting business to maximize the profits of client companies.

    Consultation is provided not only for investments, but also for management strategies and overseas expansion strategies
    necessary for company operation. We also support the establishment of local subsidiaries, JV, M&A, and with accompanying finances.
HEXAGON’s mission is to establish a better future financial plan for clients.
In order to carry out this mission, HEXAGON promises to never forget HEXAGON’s culture and
principles, and to run the company based on them.
  • 1. HEXAGON thinks from the client’s perspective.

    The client’s profits come first. We will speak with confidence and courage, and we will do the things we say.
    HEXAGON will be responsible from the investor’s perspective, and will treat all clients fairly and equally.
  • 2. HEXAGON is passionate.

    When it comes to performance, we are passionate and will concentrate on reaching the top.
    Success for HEXAGON is defined by thinking deeper and working harder than our competitors.
    HEXAGON is continuously learning and will always try its best to accumulate powerful, professional knowledge.
  • 3. We are one HEXAGON.

    The best solution results stem from the ideas and contributions of various teams from our partners.
    Diversity makes us stronger, and helps us provide better solutions for clients.
    HEXAGON’s employees go beyond their designated tasks and it is the standard for them to constantly gain knowledge related to their work,
    and this helps members to immediately communicate with each other.
  • 4. We are innovators.

    Endless innovation is the driving force that allows HEXAGON to deliver the best results to clients.
    The bureaucratic system was rejected for innovation, and we are not afraid of challenging the status quo or of failure.
    We are introducing HEXAGON’s new business and a new, innovative approach, and providing clear solutions for client’s problems.
HEXAGON’s business division is as the following.
  • Investment Management Service

    Starting from the major asset classes, investment management services
    and investment products are provided to various institutions and individual clients. Asset consultation services such as portfolio management, financial consultation, brokerage services, and other transaction services are provided for individual clients with high-value assets and for family units.
  • Institution Client Services

    Stocks, currency, real estate investment products form the market for
    smooth transaction for normal companies, financial institutions,
    investment funds, governments, and other institutional clients. Finance,
    mortgage-backed securities, and other brokerage services are provided through them.
  • Investment Banking(IB)

    Various investment banking services are provided for companies,
    financial institutions, investment funds, governments, and other various clients. We provide M&A, company sale and division, corporate defense activities, restructuring, spin off, risk management, debt and capital IPO supervision, private placement, and other strategic consultation businesses, and are generally active in domestic and overseas transactions, financial acquisition, derivatives trading, and other related activities.
  • Global Business Consulting

    HEXAGON provides essential and general services for setting up and
    carrying out strategies necessary for overseas expansions and company management. Various consulting solutions are provided and help all companies attempting to expand into the global market through
    market expansion.