HEXAGON PEOPLE are an important asset to the company. HEXAGON PEOPLE are the people who work for the clients of HEXAGON, create long-term value for shareholders, and commit to giving back to society. HEXAGON focuses on creating a diverse work environment. This is an important aspect of meeting the different needs of the diverse kinds of clients and communities. Everything that HEXAGON invests into for the careers of the employees guarantee the interest of HEXAGON PEOPLE, and is closely linked to the goals of the clients and shareholders. HEXAGON’s goal is to maximize each employee’s potential, maximize corporate efficiency, strengthen the in-house culture, and to expand the opportunities for HEXAGON PEOPLE to demonstrate their expertise, in order to have a positive effect on our society.  

    - Creativity : Value creation based on innovative ideas
    - Global Capacity : A global sense able to sense changes and trends in the world
    - Responsibility : Able to find their role in a common goal and to do their best
    - Executive Ability : A drive towards a rationally drawn goal
  • Recruitment Procedure

    Receive application   Document Screening     Interviews       Final pass
  • Application Method

    - Email Application (office@hexainv.com)
    - CV attachment required (free form)
  • Inquiries

    - T: 02-2659-9825
    - E: office@hexainv.com

Recruitment Fields

Company and
Real Estate Research
[Intern - Always]
- Research data collection and data translation
- Seminar assistance and operation
- Misc. (document work, translation, data collection)

Consulting RA [Intern - Always]
- Market expansion strategy,
M&A and other related market research

Marketing [New Employee, Career - Always]
- Online marketing development and management
- Investor management

Operating Workforce [Career - TBA]
- Corporate body business and business management
- Corporate body fund management
*Preference for financial retirees, people with experience in investment recruitment and related experiences