What HEXAGON does
  • Asset Management

    HEXAGON will help clients reach a meaningful goal. We provide the best services and solutions for individuals, families, companies, and other institutional clients to form, maintain, and manage their assets.
  • Investment Banking & Capital Market

    We provide consultation and capital raising services for companies, groups, and governments all over the world, and maximize client satisfaction.
  • Sales & Deals

    We find new forms of investment and realize the best profits through sales, dealings, and market formation services to global institutions, latest hedge funds, and industry innovators.
  • Research

    We are quickly growing in our field by investigating and analyzing companies, industries, markets, and world economics in a deep and wide-ranging way, and we hope to become the best.
The turning point in HEXAGON’s growth was when new opportunities were provided to clients HEXAGON has helped companies flourish, improved the economy, and has helped people in realizing their ambitions. This is our role and our goal. HEXAGON focuses on the ASEAN market, centered in Seoul, and specializes in the Indonesian and Vietnamese market. We will see growth potential, provide opportunity to clients, and we will try our best to help the company and economy prosper. Ultimately, we will help clients realize their hopes, dreams, and ambitions. We have secured a diverse range of clients, and we are currently trying to expand our client base in a global unit, so we can provide various opportunities to help bring prosperity into their lives.