HEXAGON provides investment management services and investment products to a wide range of clients, from institutional investors to individual investors. We provide portfolio management, financial management consulting, asset management consulting services, and overseas real estate investment services to individual clients with large assets and to family units.
We help our clients manage their assets efficiently through professional and systematic investment management practices.
We work closely with individuals with large assets and family units to select basic and underlying assets and develop asset and investment management strategies. We differentiate investment opportunities and help each of our clients reach their asset management goals. We provide services with a strong execution ability and consideration of the client's position. We develop
new networks and investment products at the right time and introduce them to our customers.
  • Asset Management
    We help individuals and institutions
    plan financial goals, and invest.
  • Private Wealth Management
    We help individuals with large assets and family units
    to select their basic assets and pursue their goals.
  • With people, capital, and ideas as their top priority, HEXAGON helps people, shareholders and communities grow.HEXAGON offers a variety of services by attracting investors to businesses or institutions that need capital. We support both large and small businesses that require funding or wish to invest with free cash.
    ADVISE We buy and sell businesses to corporate clients, secure funds, and manage risk to help them grow.
    FINANCE We help the local community and each institution to manage funds, and contribute to the construction of infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and roads.
    TRANSACT We help clients make transactions in the leading financial markets in stocks, bonds, exchange rates, and in commodities.
    SUPPORT We help maintain efficiency and liquidity, invest and collect funds or risk management to satisfy investors and businesses.
    MANAGE We preserve and grow property, such as mutual funds, pension funds, and individual stock portfolios owned by individuals and institutions.
    INVEST We invest HEXAGON’s capital in addition to the capital of our clients to grow the business.
    INNOVATE We turn ideas and analysis into new perspectives, products, and growth paths.

  • Direct Private Investing

    We have deep and wide expertise and long-term relationships with domestic and foreign companies, investors, and institutions. We invest in equity and credit for corporate, real estate, and infrastructure.
    Equity We invest funds after launch, focusing on private equity, growth capital, infrastructure, and real estate.
    Credit We collect funds and invest in leverage capital such as mezzanine financing, senior loan collateral, bad debts, and real estate bonds.
  • SMEs Financing & Investing

    HEXAGON's medium-sized market financing and investment method lends or invests funds in various capital components of SMEs,
    based on various levels of risk-adjusted return principles. In other words, it refers to activities to finance or invest funds directly in the SME market,
    and the corresponding strategy is as shown below.
    Specialty Lending We offer medium-sized business senior finance with a growing potential.
    Private Capital Investing We provide structured and intermediate capital solutions to SMEs for growth, acquisitions and capital restructuring.
    Lender Finance Our investment platform provides secured asset-backed financing to financial services or professional finance companies.
    Real Estate We are committed to providing residential and commercial real estate investors, developers and associated companies with debt and equity capital.
  • Transaction Structure