The Securities Division operates mainly in the Southeast Asian financial markets. HEXAGON's securities professionals serve not only individual investors but also institutional investors such as asset managers, hedge fund institutions, banks, corporations and governments. We look for ways to help customers when they need market insight, risk management and execution, capital accumulation, investment and risk transfer.
  • Business Description

    Conversion Securities (CB, BW, EB) We specialize in bonds and equity derivatives and offer guidelines to customers in a variety of ways, from trading exchanges to off-market capital goods. We approach investment opportunities and help ensure that we are able to execute strongly for conversion bills, convertible preferred stocks, and a broader warrant market.

    Bonds We provide insights and services to institutional clients to help them invest in various bond products such as bank loans, investment grade securities, high yield corporate bonds and corporate bonds. We work closely with HEXAGON's financial management team to share new issues with institutional customers and provide distribution channels.

    Commodities We provide investment management and financial services for governments, businesses, investors and financial institutions in commodities, such as in petroleum, refined products, natural gas, power metals, and agricultural products.

    Stocks We provide ideas, execution, and liquidity to a wide range of customers to trade stock-related products such as common stocks, ETFs, and other derivatives and options.

    Exchange Rate Global exchange rate teams deliver knowledge and information to global and local markets that can be key to the clients’ success.

    Emerging Market HEXAGON's sales and trade experts look for new opportunities in emerging markets for investors. Team members composed of local market experts assess market risks, access local exchanges, and eliminate the complications of complex global transactions. Sales representatives who sell a variety of products help customers to invest in fixed income, stocks, and raw materials across a variety of assets.

    IPO When listing on corporate clients, we help clients expand their capital procurement opportunities by taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of their client companies and industry groups and advising on related regulations and conditions.
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