Real Estate
We provide investment and financial services to investors, developers and corporate clients in residential and commercial real estate in the Southeast Asian market. From individual assets to huge portfolios, we provide a fast and reliable solution in a unique and robust way for the stability of all items in the capital structure.
  • HEXAGON’s Approach

    Through extensive investment experience in overseas residential and commercial real estate, HEXAGON seeks to become a leader in its line of business.
    We work with partners in the world who have a strong bond with HEXAGON's platform.
    Experienced Investment Team The HEXAGON Investment Team is comprised of experts who has expertise in a variety of asset categories
    and have experienced a variety of credit investment techniques.

    Investment MethodWe focus on identifying internal values, driving deals, and identifying needs.

    Client RelationsWe maintain strong and lasting relationships with real estate investors, operating partners, and other stakeholders.
    We work together to grow together and to quickly determine the need for debt and capital solutions.
  • HEXAGON’s Strengths

    We demonstrate our capabilities to our clients and investors through Hexagon's distinct strengths.
    Unique ResponsivenessHEXAGON responds accurately, carefully, and quickly. We also possess investment teams and asset management teams
    with diverse experiences, which gives us judgement that goes beyond traditional credit assessment standards and allows us
    to come up with differentiated solutions.

    Verified TransactionsWe provide verified transactions and collaborate with the appropriate investment professionals when necessary.

    Client RelationsClients not only use investment services, they also have access to customer-provided services such as free accommodation
    and analytical reports on products HEXAGON provides to the market.
    We seek to invest for our customers, strategically assess risks and to become market leaders.

    Risk-adjusted return investmentWe assess the inherent value of assets based on our knowledge of various experiences and analytics to assess price risk.