Consulting Service
Investment Bank
  • We provide differentiated services for various customer groups such as corporate, institutional, and governmental, including strategic consultation services, capital support and risk management professional services, and integrated investment management solutions. No matter how complicated the deal is, if we can see growth potential, we will provide the best consultation services and outstanding executive ability that clients can trust.
  • M&A

    We develop and implement innovative and differentiated solutions for clients with complex issues. We provide services such as acquisitions, mergers, corporate splits, joint ventures, restructuring, capital restructuring, spin-offs, exchange offers, corporate mortgages, takeover defenses, and shareholder relations. HEXAGON's extensive experience meets our clients' mid and long-term strategic goals.
  • Overseas Capital Market

    We provide market judgment and unique solutions to meet the capital needs of our clients. We provide realistic advice and detailed solutions to our clients by integrating various fields such as IPO, corporate bond issuance and corporate collateral borrowing. We structurize and execute public offerings of stocks, investment-grade securities, non-investment-grade securities, related products, and private securities.
  • Corporate Derivatives

    We work together to develop differentiated risk management strategies.
  • Corporate Finance Solutions

    We help structurize complicated deals.
  • Equity Capital Market(ECM)

    We work closely with public and private companies, governments and financial institutions to devise, structure and execute stocks and related financing such as IPOs, new stock issuance and selling, conversion and derivatives.
  • Leverage Financial Capital Market

    We devise, structure, and implement bank loans and high-yield debt financing for corporate clients and financial institutions. Types of transactions include corporate mortgage repurchase, refinancing, and restructuring.
  • Debt Management

    We run advisory and advisory solutions on debt and equity transactions of public institutions and private companies.
  • Structured Finance

    We help our clients maintain asset stability, including asset and business, acquisitions and financial statement-related risks. Products include movies, entertainment, aircraft finance, real estate finance, franchise royalty, intellectual property, and automobile financing.
Overseas Business Consulting
  • We provide global market entry strategy services for private companies, governments and industrial institutions. We lend support in market research and selecting a suitable target market, fund creation and market entry services. HEXAGON Consultants are skilled and passionate professionals in a variety of areas including strategy, operations, risk management, new business development, new distribution network discovery, finance, marketing, research, trade and B2B management. We help clients to enter the overseas market through our various industry consulting experiences and global network.

    Industry Coverage : Automotive & Transportation, Consumer & Retail, Financial Services, Government & Public Sector, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Mining & metals, Oil & Gas, Electricity & utilities, Private Capital, Real Estate, Hotels, Telecommunications & Technologies
  • Industry Market Evaluation

    We collect and systemize the local market data and information of the market that our clients are trying to enter. Before conducting market research, it is our standard to obtain information on sales products, market understanding level, budget and other situation from clients, and conduct feasibility study through analysis of regulation and competitiveness.
    Regulation AnalysisWe analyze the conditions and legal direction for the relevant industries, such as foreign ownership,
    minimum capital requirements, and local licenses.
    Competitiveness AnalysisWe analyze competitiveness, focusing on competitors, suppliers and distributors, strengths and weaknesses,
    competitive advantages.
  • Investment Feasibility Study

    We take consideration of our clients' goals and perspectives to help them make new investment decisions through quantitative market research, digital footprint analysis, data science, and statistical modeling.
  • Restructuring

    We will work with professional consultants, investment banks, lawyers, and related experts to help our internal stakeholders achieve more beneficial outcomes when we need to stabilize financial conditions or to reserve value. HEXAGON brings immediate, physical and quantifiable positive effects in the short and long term.